Black Clover: Anime Review

Black Clover the once under-rated anime now a Hit is currently on break for a while and fans are very eager for the Return of Asta and Yuno into the Battlefield.

Black Clover Anime / Crunchyroll & FUNimation

The Anime introduced the protagonist Asta as a young and eager child living alongside Yuno his supposed brother both sharing a dream, a dream to become the Most powerful magic user in the entire kingdom, The Magic King.

The two orphan boys were left as a baby at the doorstop of a church at the near outer part of the clover kingdom. In this particular anime, all characters has some kind of magical power/abilities and it varies from the weakest abilities for daily chores to the immense powerful ones mostly found at the battleline.

With this little introduction you are probably thinking that this gonna be some magical overpowered anime right ?, well prepare to be blown away.

Asta is the one person in the entire anime series who is born without magic, incredible plot twist ? yeah, but Yuno on the other hand is magical genius being able to attain perfect control of his magical abilities at an incredible rate. At the Age of 15, the two young boys are set to receive their grimoires which helps each person increase his magical abilities. Yuno being adept at magic was able to receive his grimoire and not just any grimoire, the 4 clover grimoire said to only be wielded by the legendary wizard king himself but Asta on the other hand was unfortunate enough to not be given a grimoire because of his lack of magic only for him to later summon his own during an entanglement. Asta then realized he was able to use a particular kind of power ,not magic but Anti-Magic. The anime story continues with both boys going on their journey seperately honing their skills to become the best.

A bit of warning to viewers who are looking for a relaxing time: Black Clover is filled with screams, enthusiasm and occasionally annoying loud voices all from one character. Asta is an underdog version of Natsu from Fairy tail. Most of the times his lines are screamed and he his a very energetic and hyper person which makes him the ideal person to hope and root for during passing episodes as the story continues. Asta’s personality is one to be loved, his energy and passion for going beyond his limits is something that really gives the fans a rush of adrenaline. No matter how much he is faced with really powerful foes , he is willing to prove to them wrong by showing off his greatest power, never giving up.

Yuno on the other hand is a cool headed character with a rather collecting personality resides quietly behind Asta.His magic abilities of creating and manipulating wind as a very impressive wind user outshines other magic users. Despite growing up in a warm environment of the church’s orphanage along side Asta and other younger orphans Yuno is seen to be almost emotionless. Even when in an intense battle he barely acknowledges the importance and merely accepts it. You can say Yuno and Asta have direct opposite character personalities .

In the time of the year when the skies darken and people’s hopes are down, this anime shines bright showing that no matter how dark the day seems, hard work and perseverance can pay off as long as you keep trying each day.

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