Top 10 Strongest Characters In God Of Highschool

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God of Highschool, a popular anime that just ended close to a year ago, so while fans await the coming of a new season, i decided why not make a list of the Top 10 strongest characters in God of Highschool.

Here is the list and i hope you are satisfied with it :

10. Yuu Mira

Top ten Strongest Character in God of highschool - NhacDJ.Club

Yuu Mira is one of the three main protagonists of God of High School Anime hence also one of the strongest in the anime. Although this list is according to the power she has this current season so she is going to be ranked much higher in the future. In Fact on top of being the 25th Master of Moonlight Sword Style she also becomes Jade Emperor’s successor. But for now, she has a long way to go.

Although after defeating Moon Gi Jo, Mira got the Walmung which is the most overpowered weapon in the series. It is a national treasure and look who owns it? The queen Mira. Her abilities were enhanced 17 years after the incidents and it’s so good to see that one of the main characters became on of the strongest as well. All the cool blades and weapons would cling to Mira, accepting her as their masters. Mira is the pinnacle of what an awesome swordsman should be.

9. Han Daewi

Top ten Strongest Character in God of highschool - NhacDJ.Club

Han Daewi ranks ahead of Yuu Mira in the Strongest Characters in God of High School Anime since he has more of a physical edge over Mira. He’s able to take many life-ending hits and also dash out some of them. Like Mira, he gets immensely powerful in the later series.

8. Hanryang Seo

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Hanryang Seo might look like your regular homeless person despite also being the 27th leader of the National Homeless Association, don’t let his looks fool you he’s a legendary member of the six and capable of using 108 national treasures being able to hold his own against a god. 17 years ago the events of season 1, He lost a fight against Jin Taejin. He became calmer after that and more mischievous too. Well who won’t be calmer after being defeated by Jin Taejin.

7. Park Ilypo

Top ten Strongest Character in God of highschool - NhacDJ.Club

Park Ilypo is one of the strongest fights in the God of Highschool tournament. According to the webtoon, he might be one of the strongest characters in God of High School. He uses his technique Ssam-Su Takkeyon a variant of the form Jin Mori uses. Ilypo is also the Nine-Tails Guardian someone who is feared by Gods.

Park Ilypo isn’t the strongest character. However, he isn’t the weakest either. The series has a lot of characters and for the Top 10 strongest ones, Ilpyo is a must on our list! This badass has blue hair and is often found wearing a hoodie. Initially, in the series, he is a scene to be laid back and fun-loving person who is just as wholesome as a sunflower on a sunny day.

6. Na Bongchim

Strongest Characters in The God of High School, Ranked!

He is a legendary doctor also a member of the Six as of Season 1. He is known as the Divine doctor however he’s also very powerful. Before losing his arm against his fight with Jin Taejin, he was said to be as powerful as Jin Taejin and the two were considered rivals. Even after losing to him in a fight and him ripping his arms off, he still taught his grandson, Jin Mori, and mentored him.

5. Taek Jegal

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He is the main antagonist of the current season of the anime also one of the strongest characters in God of High School anime. He is very arrogant and violent in fact this trait carries on to his Chakreyok in the form of Megalodon and Greed. After getting his hands on the Key he became even more powerful being god-like in appearance and power.

4. Park Mujin

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Park Mujin whose original name is Park Mubong. He is a member of the Six and also one of the most powerful members. The most noticeable thing about him is the X-shaped scar on his forehead. His Chakreyok Longinus is a God Killing weapon. In the Anime, we could see him holding his own against the Nox on his own. Although he was later backed by Seo. Mujin has a mysterious and twisted personality which we will get to know more about as the show progresses. So there is still alot about him that’s still unknown.

3. Ungnyeo


The most powerful of “The Six,” Ungnyeo is an extraordinary woman who has the ability to combat even the Gods. She’s displayed as a beautiful and bizarre lady in God of Highschool. She can unlock interdimensional doors and can control natural happenings all around the world on her own. Although we couldn’t see Ungneyo in action in the anime, we do know how powerful she is. Ungneyo easily fixed decapitated limbs. She is the master of Trinity. So she deserves the 3rd spot in this list.

2. Jin Taejin

Taejin Jin

Grandfather of Mori Jin, Taejin Jin is undoubtedly the strongest among all God of Highschool characters. Just like Bongchim Nah, this man has his own style of Martial Arts. This technique of Taejin Jin is recognised as RE Taekwondo or the Renewal Taekwondo. He’s not only mightier than all of the members of “The Six” but also the Gods. In the show, we could see him fighting Nox Entirely on his own and defeating them until Sang Mandeok uses his powers. Although there is one person on this list that surpasses him and a few might disagree with this list but here is my opinion.

1.Jin Mori

Strongest Character in God of High School

The main protagonist and the most stupid guy in the G.O.H universe, Jin Mori makes it to the strongest God of High School Characters of all time. He is one of the Nine Gods and the leader of Mount Hwagwa Monkey. No one can defeat Jin Mori. Even the shaman told everyone that his death and future cannot be seen. That’s how I got the idea of how strong Jin Mori is. When he reverted to his true form, he instantly surpassed Jin Taejin, making him ahead of almost every character in the series.

His real identity is of a God, Sun Wukong also he is the leader of the Mount Hwagwa Monkeys and one of the Nine Kings of the Sage Realm. In his True God of the Universe form, he is undefeatable along with his mystical weapons.

So that’s it for now on the Top 10 Strongest Character in God of Highschool. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think about this in the comment section.

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