Top 8 Strongest Characters in Rise Of The Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Characters: Ranked Best to Worst

As one of the most popular Isekai shows, “The Rising of the Shield Hero” has quite a huge fan-base. Despite Naofumi, the main character, having a terrible start, his rise as a great hero makes for an exciting premise.

This action-packed show, consisting of four cardinal heroes, demons, and monsters from other worlds, brings quite a lot of variety to the show.

Each hero has their own powers and weapons, and they adventure to level up and become stronger before the Wave arrives again.

Along the way, they make new allies and enemies, each of them powerful in their own right. With magic, skills, and great weapons, who are the ten most powerful characters?

The list will only consist of characters from season 1 only :

8. Glass

Glass is a Vassal Wielder from another world, and her power is equal to the Seven Star Heroes.

Glass | Wiki | Rising Shield Hero Amino

Because of her race, she uses Soul Power as her power source, and the more she has, the more powerful she is. The Soul Power influences her attack and defense, as she unleashes it using her fan. In the first season, Glass unleashed a tornado from her iron fan, which was capable of slicing Naofumi’s Shield Prison. She is kinda deserving the 8th spot.


Filo is a Filolial that was purchased by Naofumi and became extremely close to him. She later on developed into a Filolial Queen and gained overflowing power.

The Rising of the Shield Hero-filo anime ,very cute  #TheRisingoftheShieldHero #filo #anime | Anime, Hero wallpaper, Bleach anime

With her terrific speed and strength, her attacks are extremely fatal. Furthermore, she can also augment her abilities with magic, making her a troublesome opponent. Along with her raw power, she has quite a lot of battle experience and is a genius in terms of learning magic spells and fighting tactics.

With a natural affinity for wind magic, Filo can create tornadoes, create blades of wind, as well as use healing magic. Overall, her powers are well balanced, and she will only continue to grow stronger. Filo is well deserving of the 7th spot on this list. Moving on.

6. Raphtalia

Anime, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Brown Hair, Raphtalia (The Rising of  the Shield Hero), HD wallpaper | Wallpaperbetter

As the first companion of the Shield Hero, Raphtalia is the main heroine of the series. Doing justice to her nickname as Naofumi’s sword, she generally uses a sword and illusion magic; however, she is capable of using a variety of magic types later in the series.

5. Ren

Ren Amaki (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) -

The Sword Hero, Ren, is the legendary sword owner and one of the four heroes. After unlocking his sword’s various abilities, along with its curse form, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Along with weapon abilities such as Dragon Slaying, Spirit Turtle Katana, Comrade sword, etc., Ren also specializes in water and support magic.

Ren initially stood against the Shield Hero’s actions, but even he is able to recognize injustice when he sees it. While the other Heroes seem too blind or focused on their own exploits to pay much mind to Naofumi, Ren actually listens to his arguments and even stands up for him a few times. He apologizes for slaying the dragon and thanks Naofumi for taking care of its corpse, and he is one of the only ones to question Malty Melromarc’s actions against Naofumi and, later, her sister Melty. Ren seems to be the only one of the three “beloved” Heroes who is using his head, even if he does make mistakes. I think the 5th spot is his.

4. Itsuki

Itsuki, the Bow Hero, is one of the Four Legendary Heroes, summoned from another world.

Shield Hero: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked | CBR

He often combines his esper powers with his legendary bow to attack from a distance accurately and deal the most damage. He has abilities such as Justice Bow, which can place the target under his control, Bind arrow, which can encase his enemies and roast them alive, as well as an explosive shooting star bow.

3. Motoyasu

Just like Naofumi, Motoyasu was summoned to another world to serve as the Spear Hero. Despite lower defense abilities, his legendary spear has a lot of combat power and has reached its full potential.

With techniques such as Shooting Star that splits into hundreds of energy spears, Chaos Spear, Meteor Thrust, etc., his attacks are extremely fatal. It’s not wrong to give him a 3rd.

2. Naofumi

Naofumi is the protagonist of the series who was summoned to another world to serve as the Shield Hero.

is naofumi the strongest character in the series? | Rising Shield Hero Amino

He is one of the few characters who is constantly evolving, partly due to his legendary shield, and partly due to the incidents that happened to him in the first half.

After learning the full depths of his shield’s power, he displays a staggering variety of ways to use it.

His shield can go on both offense and defense by sealing, imprisoning, and shooting out energy blasts. Furthermore, Naofumi’s power tremendously increases when it enters the curse mode.

With many different abilities such as Iron Maiden, which traps an enemy and runs them through with spikes, Blood Sacrifice, which forms a trap under the target and repeatedly mashes them to death, as well as Megiddo Burst, Naofumi can both deal deadly damage, as well as defend him and his team.

Naofumi is the face of Rise of Shield Hero for a reason, as he works hard to get everything that he has. He is limited in the abilities he can use, with only a shield, but he studies up thoroughly on the new abilities he unlocks with that shield. He also practices in areas of study outside of battle, focusing on making medicine or other useful items to sell. He is practical in his approach to everything, yet kind in dealing with people. Naofumi thinks his actions through, something none of the other Heroes seem to care much about.

1. Fitoria

Fitoria, the Queen of the Filolials, is easily the strongest character in Shield Hero. She can cast the most powerful spells with ease, and her abilities, in general, are way overpowered.

10 Strongest Characters in Rising of the Shield Hero Ranked!

She can transform into a human form and various stages of Filolial queen growth at will, as well as an into a normal Filolial.

She is even more powerful than the heroes from another world. With abilities such as Liberation Wind Prison, which creates a cage of swirling wind blades around the target, Haikuikku, and even one that negates the effects of Zweite Tornado, she is extremely powerful.

So that’s it for “the top 8 strongest characters in The Rise Of The Shield Hero“, I hope you are satisfied with this list and if not, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Nice list, but I think Glass’ position on the list could need a little uplifting. She really gave Naofumi and the rest a hard time. Besides that, her companions would be worthy mentions on this list.

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