Nanatsu No Taizai(Seven Deadly Sins) Anime : Season 1 Review

Anime Review – The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1

Seven Deadly Sins is a brightly colored, vibrant anime full of energetic characters and an intriguing premise rife with fantastical elements. Unfortunately for this promising anime it comes with a lot of over-sexualized humor and it over shadows the narrative and some ideas. As the series progresses, the sexual humor is toned down but in its place, long, drawn out action scenes between countless enemies takes it place to varying degrees of success.

There’s no doubt that the story is rich-filled with back story and the lore around the world of Britannia and its characters in this 24 episode first season is incredibly polished. With fantasy elements at its heart, Seven Deadly Sins explores a world ravaged by the tyrannical rule of a group called the Holy Knights. After overthrowing the previous rulers, the Seven Deadly Sins, one of the Princesses named Elizabeth escapes from the capital and tracks down the seven exiled warriors beginning with Meliodas(The Dragon’s sin of Wrath) their leader to take back control of the kingdom from their tyrannical reign. There are moments where the story feels a little too complicated with numerous enemies and factions popping up but for the most part, the story boils down to a straight forward war between the Holy Knights and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 1 Anime Review | Funcurve

The world building is far and away the best part of this anime. From the imaginative monster design to the lore and dialect between characters, every aspect of Seven Deadly Sins drips in colorful history and intrigue. Interesting bites of expository dialogue are used during fights for each of the special moves and, although slightly overused and bordering on the unbelievable, the magic is used in clearly defined and interesting ways. From giant Diane (The Serpent’s Sin of Envy) to arrogant, immortal Ban (The Fox’s Sin of Greed), each of the characters are distinctly fleshed out with their own backstory and moral code. These clearly defined traits lead to some intriguing clashes and fights between the characters and their enemies although Meliodas, is one of the most unlikable and pretentiously perverted protagonists seen for quite some time. 

The funny thing about sins is that we all have it. As some part of us, there’s a sin in everyone. It’s simple really because they are natural human instincts. That’s hardly what Nanatsu no Taizai is about though. On the surface, the show seems to talk about the sins in their variety. But really, this series is more about a journey, one that has our heroes find those lost Sins. Like a classic adventure, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) crafts the extraordinary portrait of how a journey should be in such a fantasy world.

Seven Deadly Sins is a bit of a mixed anime. On the one hand, the world building, characterization and action are excellent and for large stretches of the series absorbing enough to ignore the constant sexualized comedy. The show does take a while to hit its stride though, during which time the overpowering sexualized humor and mis-timed slapstick may put a lot of people off. Whether the inappropriately timed and jarring comedy is enough to put you off watching will determine on your own personal tastes but if you can persevere with this, there’s a beautifully animated, interesting world waiting to be discovered. It’s just a shame that the negative parts of this show overpower the positive, making the overall experience a bit of a mixed one. But that doesn’t make the anime unrecommendable to others, because one thing I do understand about this anime is that, although the anime has some pretty confusing and bad plots but it’s also very easy to overlook most of these bad sides in the anime, I assure you you’re gonna find yourself getting addicted in no time.

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