Top 10 Underrated Anime Characters Who Actually Deserve Some Credit

Underrated anime characters are at the end of the day, subjective. Just like anything considered underrated.

But even then, there’s still a set of recognizable characters who tend to come up in these conversations. While others aren’t known enough or are dismissed.

Here’s my list:

10. Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

These 19+ Underrated Anime Characters Deserve More Credit

Gray Fullbuster is the quiet guy. The one who’s laid back, chilled, and doesn’t say more than he needs to.

I can relate to that.

In the game of romance, he’s similar. Not too flashy and will only pursue it if his heart’s in it, rather than people pleasing.

With ice abilities like ice maker magic, and a purpose in life inspired by a tragic death, Gray brings meaning to Fairy Tail.

Outside of Fairy Tail’s community he’s not mentioned more than he should be, and that’s why he’s underrated for me.

9. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time | Comic Years

Saitama is beyond famous. You might even question why he’s mentioned on this list. But I’m not talking about powers or abilities, more so personality and depth.

He loses his hair after training like a maniac, inspired by a time in his life where he was a miserable businessman.

After losing all his hair and mysteriously becoming the strongest man in the universe, the thrill of winning dies. And he becomes a little depressed and completely unfulfilled.

Aspects to Saitama’s character (even though the anime is a parody) are so well written. And I say that as someone who’s not the biggest OPM fan.

Underrated to the core.

8. Rider(Fate Zero)

rider fate zero cheerful

Rider from Fate Zero is one of the anime’s best examples of solid characters. He makes the anime shine so much, it wouldn’t work without him.

Rider has values and principles that are teachable moments, and a sense of humor nobody can deny or downplay.

A genuinely easy going, but serious character with a passion for living his best life, and never compromising on what matters.

Even if that means making mistakes.

7. Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero)

Top 5 Anime That If You Haven't Watched, Then You're Missing Out - HubPages

Subaru Natsuki is another character that surprises me for how some fans treat him. The lack of empathy is astonishing and it shows.

Subaru has been through more trauma and tragic experiences than any human, or most characters can claim.

It’s evil. He’s forced to live through all of it because he always comes back to life (return by death).

From a bigger picture, Subaru grows in a visible way. And is sometimes too realistic in the way he’s portrayed.

This guy is overlooked as a solid characters in so many ways.

6. Kazuto Kirigaya(Sword Art Online)

kirito sao big smile

Kazuto or as most people know him – Kirito

SAO isn’t the greatest anime, but the hate is exaggerated beyond belief. And mostly clickbait.

Kirito’s criticism’s are usually along the lines of:

  • Boring
  • Bland
  • Basic

But that’s cherry picking and purposely taking things out of context because it’s easy to be lazy.

Kirito shows a depth of emotion throughout SAO, and has facets to his character that people miss or just ignore. And his character grows just not in flashy ways like other Shonen protagonists.

If you know, you know. And if you don’t, you won’t and probably aren’t bothered to. But Kazuto deserves a little more credit than he gets.

5. Krillin from Dragon Ball Z

Render] DBFighterZ - Krilin by PurpleHato on DeviantArt | Dragon ball,  Krillin art, Dragon ball art

Krillin is not as impressive as many of the other supernaturally powerful characters of the Dragon Ball series, he is a formidable martial artist among the human race. Krillin is often seen as a joke by fans of the franchise, as he usually doesn’t help much in fights, especially against stronger enemies.

Despite this, Krillin’s kind, courageous heart shines through as he stands beside his friends again and again to defend what is right.

4. Lancer (Fate/Stay Night)

Top 10 Underrated Heroes in Anime [Best List]

Lancer is one of the Servants from the Holy Grail War, serving under one master for a brief time until the deceitful priest, Kirei Kotomine, becomes his new master. Lancer is a cunning and powerful opponent, using his spear to pierce the heart of his enemies. Though he is working for an evil master, Lancer does have a sense of morality and justice like a true hero, working with Shirou to help him and eventually killing Kotomine when the man orders Lancer to get rid of Rin.y us.

3. Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

wendy marvell youngest version

Wendy Marvell is an underrated character not just in general, but especially in Fairy Tail.

I have a love hate relationship with the anime, despite it being one of my favorites. But when you consider the fan service, Wendy is even more appreciable.

She starts out as a timid kid with dragon slayer potential. And has Karla screaming in her ear because of how wimpy she is. But for her own good.

The character development we see with Wendy Marvell, and her gradual progress is amazing. It definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Even for a non main character, she’s memorable enough to be one.

2. Rock Lee (Naruto)

Do you think Rock Lee is underestimated? - Quora

Rock Lee is one of Naruto’s comrades later on in the series, though like many of the side characters he is given only a few episodes of serious spotlight. Lee begins with virtually no ability in this ability-driven world, able to only use taijutsu. Despite this, Lee has big dreams, hoping to prove that with hard work and perseverance anyone can surpass a naturally talented genius. Though he is often seen as the comedic relief of the show, especially given his antics with his mentor: Might Guy, Lee proves time and again that he can be powerful and heroic in his own unique way. Even when he is injured during the Chunnin Exams and told he will never regain a career as a shinobi, Lee never gives up, striving to work harder every day.

1. Vegeta (Dragonball Franchise)

These 19+ Underrated Anime Characters Deserve More Credit

Vegeta is one of those characters I was talking about. Underrated, underappreciated, and as far as the anime’s plot at times, disrespected.

Remember when Vegeta was in the position to destroy Golden Frieza in The Dragonball Super Anime Series, and the anime pulled the carpet from under his feet?

And made Goku the hero, yeah that wasn’t so nice.

Even aside from things like that, Vegeta outshines Goku in most areas of character and personality.

He’s one of the best examples of a father figure, partner, loyal to the core, down to earth and has no interest in trying to please others or kiss ass.

He’d be criticized if he lived in modern day society because he ain’t about that stuff.

Well that’s a wrap on The top 10 underrated anime characters, so let me know what you think about this and don’t fret, many more rankings like this are coming. Make sure to like and follow to stay updated.

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