Top 10 Strongest Characters: Dragonball Super(Tournament Of Power)

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The Tournament of Power is filled with some of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe, but in this post we are going to see who ranks among the strongest?

Dragon Ball Super followed the huge legacy left behind by the likes of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, and especially Dragon Ball Z, which to date is regarded as one of the best anime shows ever. It’s safe to say that Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super didn’t only manage to surprise fans with the introduction of new arcs and characters, but it also managed to break the internet, thanks to some legendary transformations from a couple of characters.

10. Ultimate Gohan

Gohan Wins The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super Theory - YouTube

After taking a break from martial arts and concentrating on his personal and professional life, Gohan was forced to return to fighting when Beerus showed himself on Earth. And as the Tournament of Power grew closer, Gohan stepped up his training with Piccolo in the hope to regain his lost touch.

To some extent, he did regain some of his past strength, transforming himself into the Ultimate Gohan form fans love but we know he still has a long powerful journey ahead of him.

9. Android 17

Android 17's Real Power Revealed; Dragon Ball Super Latest Manga - OtakuKart

Android 17 was shown to be living in a jungle with his family after he was resurrected by the Dragon Balls in the Cell Saga. Goku personally went to him to recruit him for the Tournament of Power and Android 17 was never going to reject an opportunity to get stronger.

He surprised a lot of fans because his power level increased tenfold and he looked like a different person altogether, sacrificing himself for others. Android 17 was also the last man standing after the intense battle and he was given the choice of making a single wish with the super dragonballs.

8. Frieza

5 Predictions For Frieza In The Tournament Of Power - OtakuAni

The resurrection of Frieza came as a nice surprise, although the first storyline disappointed, thanks to Vegeta and Goku’s new God form to which Frieza just didn’t measure up.

Since then, he died and was resurrected again for the Tournament of Power and there, he mixed his street smartness with his immense power to be one of the last men standing on the ground. The Golden Frieza form was absolutely thrilling to watch.

7. Hit

How Strong Dragon Ball Super's Hit Really Is | Screen Rant

Hit was first introduced in the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 storyline, where his time skip technique stole the show. Still, the fans never got to see his full powers but in the Tournament of Power, he pretty much gave into his potential, showcasing his wide-ranging powers as one of the best hitmen in all of the universes.

Hit doesn’t really power-up that much, instead, he uses different techniques to gain an advantage. It’s really difficult to know what he is planning, thanks to his brilliant poker face.

6. Kale

New 'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter Has Fans Fawning Over Kale

One of the only Saiyan girls in the anime, Kale, is a shy little girl from Universe 6 who has the power to transform into the Berserker Super Saiyan form, meaning she looks exactly like Broly when she loses her cool.

When she is like that, she is a match for any warrior in the Dragon Ball Universe, let alone the fighters in the Tournament of Power. But because she still hasn’t found proper control over her transformation, she is ranked this low.

5. Kefla

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Ways Kefla Could Have Won The Tournament Of Power

Kefla is the fusion between Caulifla and Kale, as they used the Potara technique to go up against Goku. These two Saiyan girls were really showing what the Saiyan race is capable of as they were reaching new levels of powers as the Tournament of Power went on.

This fusion was too much for Super Saiyan Blue Goku to handle, even with the Kaio-ken technique. This forced Goku to go Ultra Instinct and fight Kefla, which surprised a lot of fans.

4. Toppo

Toppo Hakaishin - DBSuper 125 by SenniN-GL-54 | Dragon ball super, Anime  dragon ball super, Dragon ball super manga

Toppo is known to be a candidate for Universe 11’s next God of Destruction, so one can imagine the kind of power this Pride Trooper possesses. Toppo has in-depth knowledge about God-level power and thus, he was able to match the Super Saiyan Blue form quite easily.

Even the Kaio-Ken technique on top of the Super Saiyan Blue form didn’t do him any harm. Toppo fights for justice and his hate for Goku was at an all-time high because he was the one who proposed the Tournament of Power.

3. Vegeta

Vegeta Evolved to a New Super Saiyan Blue Form - OtakuKart

The Saiyan Prince has always played second fiddle to Goku but in the Tournament of Power, he was the most addictive character to watch, although not the most powerful. His relationship with Cabba was brilliant to see and so was his sacrifice to give Goku a chance against Jiren.

Vegeta broke his potential power barrier after hearing Bulma’s voice and he earned the respect of everyone in the arena, in the process. Even Jiren lauded his stubbornness.

2. Jiren

Jiren Full Power Wallpapers - Top Free Jiren Full Power Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess
Jiren has to be the toughest opponent Goku has ever come up against because the difference in both their power levels was massive. When they first fought, Jiren was beating Goku without breaking a sweat but against the Ultra Instinct, he failed to stand up on his feet and overpower this legendary transformation from Goku.
Nevertheless, Jiren won in the end, even though he didn’t like the way it happened. Because he could sustain his power over a longer period than Goku, Jiren is the second strongest mortal in the Tournament of power.

1. Goku(Ultra Instinct)

SPOILER ALERT: Goku & Jiren's Battle in 'Dragon Ball Super' Has Been  Decided | Dragon ball super goku, Anime, Dragon ball super wallpapers

A saga couldn’t be complete without the fans witnessing a spine ticking Goku moment. And we saw one which pretty much broke the internet. During his fight with the strongest mortal Jiren, Goku fought and lost, only to return with a new look, altogether, that was described by Beerus as the Ultra Instinct.

This is a form even some Gods struggle to reach. When Goku mastered this level, he dominated Jiren and was about to beat him when his body gave up and completely broke down. But this still pushes him above every other mortal in the tournament of power, including jiren.

So that’s it for now, I hope you like it and leave a comment below if you think this ranking could be better.

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