Top 5 Smartest Students: Classroom Of The Elite

Strongest Characters in Classroom of the Elite – Anime Daily

Classroom of the Elite is one of the best high school anime that amazed a lot of fans by its interesting story. The series was based on light novel that was written by Syougo Kinugasa and was illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose.

The series revolves around the school filled with elite students fighting for the rank of Class-A which the most capable students belong. But that’s not entirely true.

Here are the top 5 students in classroom of the elite:

5.Ichika Amasawa

10 Smartest Characters in Classroom of the Elite – Anime Daily

Ichika Amasawa is one of the junior and one of the supporting characters in the series. She’s the character who obsesses with Ayanokojie all because she knows him from a very young age.

She is one of the few people who knows the true identity of Ayanokojie that he is extraordinary smart and far from what one can imagine. Ichika and Ayanokojie came from the same place where Ayanokojie studied before he enrolled Advanced Nurturing High School.

Just like Ayanokojie, her abilities was shown but only a glimpse of it yet far from what a young person is capable of knowing that she’s just like mini version of Ayanokojie. She tried to test Ayanokojie by trying to expell him with other juniors but Ayanokojie realized it and countered her.

During the special exam with all students in different years, Ichika beaten Horikita and Ibuki in hand-to-hand combat with ease in order for her to stop them approaching Ayanokojie knowing that they would become a hindrance to him. She even possess such tremendous strength just like Ayanokojie which makes her physically and intellectually superior just like how she overpowered Kushida on the special exam.

4. Miyabi Nagumo

Miyabi Nagumo (Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e) -

Miyabi Nagumo is the current Student Council President after Manabu Horikita had graduated making him his successor.

Compare to Manabu, Nagumo is completely opposite of him knowing that he used his power in order to throw out those students who are incompetent within his scope. Unlike other class who has a good leader, Nagumo is the leader of not just by one class but the whole 3rd year curriculum making him very influencial.

Just like Ryuen, Nagumo played his tactics in a dirty way regardless of the process of his actions. He decided to become the Student Council President in order to change the systems which Manabu had built for the school. Nagumo truly respect Manabu that’s why he wants to destroy him and prove that he is better than him. He considered Manabu as his rival yet Manabu doesn’t care about him.

The only person that Manabu had recognized because of abilities was Ayanokojie that made Nagumo focus his hatred against him after Horikita Manabu had graduated.

3. Horikita Manabu

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Horikita Manabu was the former Student Council President of Advanced Nurturing High School and the older brother of Horikita Suzune.

He is indeed one of the smartest characters throughout the whole series knowing that he was chosen as president of the most prestigious school on the whole country. Manabu is one of the few people who’s aware of Ayanokojie’s capabilities since the time when Ayanokojie sabotaged his own entrance exams.

Just like his little sister, Manabu is also capable enough to beat almost everyone through hand-to-hand combat to the way that not even Ryuen can beat him. He is the only person that Nagumo admire yet wanted to destroy him completely in order to prove that he’s more capable than him. Her little sister admired her since they were a kids and the only reason why Suzune enrolled in Advanced Nurturing High School was because of him.

2. Sakayanagi Arisu

10 Smartest Characters in Classroom of the Elite – Anime Daily

Sakayanagi Arisu is also one of the smartest characters in the series that knew Ayanokojie the most in the series. She’s belong to Class-A and the leader of it after she dethroned Katsuragi.

Sakayanagi wasn’t fully introduced in anime but she has a lot of impact to the story. She knows Ayanokojie since she was a child. When she realized that Ayanokojie is currently studying with her in the same school, her boring student life has come to an end knowing that she found someone that could be her contender thinking that she’s the most powerful in the school without him.

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She walks around with a cane due to the fact that she has crippled leg since she was a child. In spite of that, it doesn’t affect her way of thinking.

1. Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

10 Smartest Characters in Classroom of the Elite – Anime Daily

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka is the protagonist of the series. He belongs to Class-D where the most defective students lies. He enrolled Advanced Nurturing High School in order to experienced freedom that he doesn’t have before because of his past.

His intellect is far superior that any other humans in every aspect in this series, knowing that he was educated to do anything at the very young age. In spite of his capabilities, Ayanokojie doesn’t want to attract unnecessary attentions so he chose to hid it and live a life like a normal student.

Chabashira Sae, his teacher blackmailed him in order to help the class to rank up knowing that he is a superior from any other students. So he chose to act out of his will behind the scenes knowing the fact that he doesn’t want to attract any attentions and furthermore, give the credit to Horikita for all the things he had done.

He is the hero and villain at the same time throughout the series, he will help the class if necessary and he will sabotage it if he needs to in order to protect himself from predicaments. He used people in order to achieve what he wants to the way that he considered humans just as a tool for him to manipulate. Humans are shield for him to protect himself and sword to attack others no matter what method he use in order to make anyone obey him which makes him the most defective and dangerous student in the whole school.

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