Naruto: Best Anime Of The Decade & Episodes In Order

Naruto Shippuuden is the most watched anime of the past decade | High Tech  Brain

Well it’s not much of a news that Naruto was awarded the best anime of the decade, most fans including myself were not really surprised about this news, that’s because right from the development of The Naruto Series the anime has shown great potential enough to gain the respect and also capture the hearts of it’s fans.

Famous for its undeniably motivating lessons, action sequences, and iconic Naruto run, it is safe to say that Naruto has indeed paved the way for modern Shōnen anime.

Having an astounding total of 720 episodes, Naruto takes the liberty of exploring various story arcs and dives deep into some of the finest character developments, backgrounds, and histories.

It is one of the highest-grossing and longest-running anime in history.

There are two parts of Naruto. The first one is simply Naruto and has 220 episodes, while Part 2 is Naruto Shippuden with 500 episodes.

Here are all the Naruto Series so far:

  1. Naruto (Episodes 1-105)
  2. Naruto Movie 1: Clash in the Land of Snow
  3. Naruto (Episodes 106-160)
  4. Naruto Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel 
  5. Naruto (Episodes 161-196)
  6. Naruto Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom 
  7. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 1-23)
  8. Naruto Shippuden Movie 1: Naruto Shippuden the Movie 
  9. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 24-70)
  10. Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds 
  11. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 71-121)
  12. Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: The Will of Fire 
  13. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 122-169)
  14. Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower 
  15. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 170-221)
  16. Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison 
  17. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 222-271)
  18. Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja
  19. Naruto: Shippuden (Episodes 272-479)
  20. The Last: Naruto the Movie 
  21. Boruto: Naruto the Movie
  22. Boruto: Naruto the Movie – The Day Naruto Became the Hokage
  23. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  24. NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

OVAs and Specials in Naruto are side stories to main plot. Most of the time, their events do have an affect on the timeline of the series as a whole.

The only important OVAs and Specials in Naruto is Boruto: Naruto the Movie – The Day Naruto Became the Hokage (2016) and you must watch that. 

Other than that, feel free to skip all the specials and OVAs. If you really wish to watch them, then can watch everything after the complete series otherwise follow the order mentioned below.

  • Naruto: Find the Crimson Four-leaf Clover! (After Naruto episode 5)
  • Naruto: The Cross Roads (After Naruto episode 20)
  • Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival (After Naruto episode 98)
  • Naruto: The Lost Story – Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village (After Naruto episode 100)
  • Naruto x UT (After Naruto Shippuden episode 60)
  • Naruto Narutimate Hero 3: Tsuini Gekitotsu! Jounin vs. Genin!! Musabetsu Dairansen Taikai Kaisai!! (After Naruto episode 164)
  • Naruto: Shippuuden – Sunny Side Battle (After Naruto Shippuden episode 380)
  • Boruto: Jump Festa 2016 Special (After Naruto Shippuden episode 500)

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