Top 10 Most Deadly Duos In Naruto Ranked

Top 10 Most Deadly Duos In Naruto - YouTube

So on this post i’m gonna be ranking the strongest and deadliest duos in the naruto anime franchise but i’m only considering those that fought at their full power during their battles.

So here goes the list:

10. Itachi & Sasuke Uchiha

Top 10 Strongest Duos In Naruto | Animesoulking

Itachi and Sasuke were siblings from the Uchiha clan. In fourth great ninja war, itachi and sasuke teamed up against kabuto who possessed sage mode and also had orochimaru’s chakra. They both summoned a complete body susanoo but the fight came to and end when Kabuto got trapped in Itachi’s genjutsu(Izanagi).

9. Nagato Uzumaki & Itachi Uchiha

Who would win, Itachi and Sasuke vs Nagato and Naruto? - Quora

Nagato and Itachi are the member of the akatsuki. Nagato with the rinnegan and Itachi with the mangekyo sharingan are quite powerful. In the beginning of the fourth great ninja war, Nagato is paired with Itachi against naruto and killer bee where nagato overpowered naruto in full tailed beast chakra mode and killer bee but thanks to itachi who saved them. Both are quite deadly duo.

8. Naruto Uzumaki and Killer Bee

Top 10 Strongest Duos In Naruto | Animesoulking

Naruto and killer bee are the jinchuriki of the the nine tails and eight tails respectively. Both of them are the perfect jinchuriki in the series. They fought together during the fourth great ninja war and also able to transform into tailed beast mode. They formed a very deadly duo and at this time Naruto didn’t have the six paths chakra and the chakra of all tailed beasts but was still able to go head – heads with 7 other tailed beasts at once.

7. Minato Namikaze and Tobirama Senju

Who would win: Tobirama Senju or Minato Namikaze? - Quora

Minato and Tobirama are the shinobi who are considered to be the fastest during their respective timeline. While both were very fast on their own, the Flying Thunder God also contributed to their fame. When both Tobirama and Minato are revived during the Fourth Shinobi Ninja War, they connect each others’ Flying Thunder God networks, allowing them to teleport to the other’s technique formulas.

6. Hashirama and Tobirama Senju

Anime's 10 Strongest Sibling Duos, Ranked - Animated Times

Hashirama and Tobirama were brothers from the senju clan. Both of them served as the hokage of konohagakure. Hashirama was known as the god of shinobi while tobirama was the inventor of a countless number of jutsus. Individually they were immensely powerful with each one possessing unique set of abilites. When battling against the rival duo, hashirama defeated madara and tobirama defeated izuna proving to be more powerful than their rivals.

5. Minato Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki

Top 10 Strongest Duos In Naruto | Animesoulking

Minato and Naruto are one of the best father and son duo. Both of them are very powerful shinobi. They both teamed up during the Fourth Great Ninja War. After being reanimated we saw that Minato knew how to use the sage mode as well as the nine tails chakra mode. Naruto meanwhile had access to nine tails mode and the sage mode. Also, Naruto and Minato each can entered into Tailed Beast Modes, with Naruto merging his with Sage Mode in a fight against obito uchiha.

4. Madara and Obito Uchiha

Madara and Obito fought as a team when both of them were successful in reviving the Ten-Tailed Beast, they create destruction on the battlefield and dominated the battlefield during the fourth great ninja war. At that time it seems impossible to stop them. Even naruto and killer bee in their transformed form seemed helpless against them. Also, they are the strongest uchiha duo.

3.Momoshiki & Kinshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki and kinshiki were a really scary duo. They were two God level characters introduced in Boruto series and together as a team they defeated kille bee, a complete jinchuriki and all five kage with ease. Later they were overpowered by naruto uzumaki and sasuke uchiha but momoshiki absorbed kinshiki and become even more powerful. They both possessed the byakugan. Kinshiki was extremely strong while momoshiki had two rinnegan one in each hand.

2. Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto And Sasuke Anime Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Naruto and Sasuke are one of the most iconic duos in the naruto series. Naruto being the jinchuriki of the nine tailed beast, he has tremendous amount of chakra reserve and he is very adept at using ninjutsu and taijutsu, after getting trained by his God-father jiraiya he somewhat learnt to dispel genjutsu through unusual means , then his training with the toad sages made him able to utilize sage mode to a certain extent. Sasuke Uchiha from the Uchiha clan are known for their kekei genkai(Sharingan) which enables them to see things differently than any other person would, from predicting motions to seeing chakras ,the sharingan is just Op on many levels especially when it comes to genjutsu.Sasuke’s nature release(Lighting)took him to new heights as was able to master it so well that most of his signature moves are coined from it (Chidori & Kirin), he is Naruto’s main rival but when these two join forces, they become the series most dangerous duo.

1. Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki

Hagoromo and Hamura by weissdrum on DeviantArt

Hagoromo and Hamura otsutsuki were the twins sons of Kaguya otsutsuki. When kaguya came after their chakra they were so powerful together but could not defeat her that they had to seal her instead. Hagoromo who is also known as the sage of six paths had enormous power. He used his six paths senjutsu and his rinnegan to seal the ten-tails inside him. Before his death, hagoromo split the chakra of ten-tails into nine seperate tailed beasts. Hamura was more or less equal to hagoromo in term of powers. He was also able to use the six paths senjutsu and had the powerful tenseigan. They are the strongest duos of all time in the series.

So that’s a wrap on Top 10 Most Deadly Duos in Naruto Series, I hope you like it. Feel free to leave your thoughts and what topic you want me to write about next in the comment section.

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