Naruto Shipudden: Naruto Vs Sasuke, Who would win?

As many of us know, animes with protagonists without a rival character might have a hard time doing well especially when it’s not an action or fantasy genre. So here in this post I am writing about my number one anime series, Naruto in Naruto vs Sasuke battle, who is going to win?.

That’s a question that has caused a lot of argument on the internet for years and currently still ongoing, who would win between the Nine-tails jinchuriki from the Uzumaki clan and the Lone ninja from the Uchiha clan.

Naruto vs Sasuke「AMV」The Awakening [Final Battle] - YouTube

Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry started early on in the Naruto Series. … Just before their fight on Final Valley, Sasuke wanted to fight Naruto. It got bad around the Chunnin Exams. He saw Naruto surpassing him and wanted to fight Naruto so badly.

Towards the end of Naruto Shipudden, their rivalry was insane. A they were both quite literally the same strength when it comes to chakra control, offensive and defense moves and also The Sage Of Six Paths borrowed power. In the end it was a tie and they both chopped each other’s arms off. Sakura then saved them and Sasuke atoned for his sins.

Here is a video of the intense battle:

The battle ended in a tie which to me personally seems wrong, I mean Why on earth would it end in a tie?, I feel like naruto is way stronger than sasuke in a few ways and that should give him the upper hand in this battle.

It wouldn’t have had to be a tie if Sasuke had not borrowed the power of the tailed beasts to fight naruto(that was cheating) but the fight ended where it should have to give the fans peace but honestly i’m not at peace with it.

Anyways that’s a wrap on Naruto vs sasuke, who would win?, well know we do know who wins, no one but i hope you enjoyed the post and please feel free to leave a comment below.

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