Naruto Shipudden: All Tailed Beasts Powers

Tailed beasts are not just any kind of beasts anyone would imagine, they are special beasts created by Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of six paths.

Legendary Tailed Beasts (Team) - Comic Vine

He created them by dividing equally the chakra of the Ten tailed beast into nine distinct tailed beast and each of these tailed beasts possess distinguishable abilities, so here in this post, we are going to find out a little about Tailed beasts and the power they possess.

1. Shukaku (One-Tailed Beast)

Shukaku render render [NxB Ninja Voltage] by Maxiuchiha22 on DeviantArt

Shukaku, also known as the Tailed beast of the sand, is closely affiliated with the Hidden sand village and was sealed in Gaara before he was born still in his mother’s womb, now the current jinchuriki of the Tailed beast.

Shukaku’s design was based on a Tanuki, a japanese racoon dog. He is also an extremely proud bijuu, despite being one-tailed he still considers Kurama his ultimate rival.


  • Sand Manipulation : Shukaku excels at manipulating sand and also able to make powerful seals with it which makes him the perfect companion for gaara.
  • Wind Release : He has been shown in the naruto series to be able to use wind release and make powerful attacks like Drilling Air Bullet.

2. Matatabi (Two-Tailed Beast)

Biju Matatabi | Wallpaper naruto shippuden, Naruto shippuden characters,  Naruto art

Matatabi, also known as the Fire beast is closely affiliated with the Hidden Cloud Village and was sealed into Yugito Nii, who inherited the Beast at a very young age making him a jinchurki.

Matatabi’s physical design was that of two japanese mythological monsters- Bakaneko and Kasha but in the anime he somewhat off the look of a Cat engulfed in blue flames.


  • Fireballs: Matatabi has shown great skill in executing fireball based attacks in the anime.
  • Flexible Muscles: I wouldn’t exactly call this an ability but it actually grants him the ability to move at great speeds both for defense and attacks.

3. Isobu (Three-Tailed Beast)

Naruto Shippuden 218 – Three Tails – Clouded Anime

Isobu, also known as the Beast of the water is closely affiliated with the Hidden Mist Village and was previously sealed in Rin, a shinobi of the hidden leaf who later sacrificed herself to save the Hidden Leaf Village.

Isobu was revived over time and was sealed into Yagura Karatachi, the Hidden Mist Fourth Mizukage.


  • Speed: When underwater, isobu has been shown to possess tremendous speed, being a water beast. And he can also curl into a ball, making use of his spiky armored shell to attack his opponents.
  • Water Release: He was shown in the series executing shock-waves using his chakra to produce tidal waves in any direction from it’s body. He can also shoot out water blasts.
  • Mist Control: He can create genjutsu through mists that confuse opponents either into facing their insecurites or be destroyed by it.

4. Son Goku (Four-Tailed Beast)

Son Goku The Four-Tails | Wiki | Naruto Amino

Son Goku is a Four tailed beast affiliated with the Hidden Rock Village sealed into a shinobi called Roshi.

His physical appearance looks like what you would call a Monkey/monkey king.


  • Earth & Fire Natures: He has the ability to release lava from his mouth by using his chakra to mix earth and fire.
  • Lava Armor: He can create an armor made by using his chakra to cover himself with lava.

5. Kokuo (Five-Tailed Beast)

Why is Kurama so disproportionately stronger than the other tailed beasts?  - Quora

Kokuo is a five-tailed beast also affiliated with the Hidden Rock Village along with Son Goku, and was later sealed into a powerful shinobi known as Han, who was later killed by the Akatsuki.

Kokuo’s physical appearance seemed to be a mixture of a horse and a dolphin.


  • Strength: Kokuo’s horn are so powerful that when she charged at Gyuki with her horn, he was sent flying away.
  • Steam Nature Release: Kokuo can make use of steam release, the combination of water and fire nature release.

6. Saiken

Saiken 6 tailed Render by FinalDestinyDreamer on DeviantArt

Saiken, also known as the six-tailed beast belongs to the Hidden Mist Village. Saiken was sealed into Utakata, whoo also was later killed by the Akatsuki.

Saiken’s appearance seems to look like a slug covered in slime.


  • Water Based Release: This beast has the ability to produce slim,corrosive and alkaline like substance to attack it’s opponents.

7. Chomei (Seven-Tailed Beast)

Adib's Fascination on Naruto: Chomei, the Seven Tailed-Beast

Chomei, the seven-tailed beast was sealed into Fuu, making it an affiliate with Hidden Waterfall Village.

Chomei’s appearance is something resembling a rhinoceros beetle.


  • Flight: This was possible due to the wing-like tails she possesses.
  • Cocoon: Chomei can create coccons trapping anyone who agitates her.
  • Impervious to Chakra Absorption Techniques

8. Gyuki (Eight-Tailed Beast)

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest To Strongest | Fiction  Horizon

Gyuki, also known as the Eight-tailed beast or as Naruto likes to call him, octopops and that’s quite understandable considering how he looks like an octopus with the head of an ox.

This beast has only been an affiliate with the Hidden Cloud Village mostly because of it’s brute strength , so almost no one has been able to control it except for the previous Raikage and Killer Bee.

  • Ink: Gyuki secretes ink coloured substances like any octopus would to reduce it’s opponents vision when attacked.
  • Wind Control: He can also create massive winds powerful enough to level the surroundings.

9. Kurama (Nine-Tailed Beast)

Naruto the Nine Tail Fox, Kurama of Naruto, png | PNGEgg

Kurama, well known as the Demon Fox. Kurama is the strongest of all tailed beast in every possible way, from nullifying genjutsus to strength, he was sealed through a few Uzumaki clan members in his time except for Madara who forced him into submission. His current host is Naruto Uzumaki, the current Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

His physical appearance seems to be the most basic of all beasts, a fox(a nine tailed fox).


Kurama wasn’t shown to have any ability in the series but that makes up for his immense strength, size, speed, flexibilty, endurance and power than other tailed beasts combined.

Honarable Mention

10. Ten Tails

15 | May | 2014 | Daily Anime Art

Ten tails is a beast. Yes he is, all other tailed beast were made through him, meaning he has the abilities of every other Tailed Beasts. His jinchuriki is non other than the initiator of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Tobi.


The power of this tailed beast is nearly infinte if not infinte, with no affinity towards a nature type to another.

General Ability

  • Tailed Beast Bomb: All tailed beast have been shown to possess a similar ability, The tailed beast bomb from a one tailed beast is powerful enough destroy and entire village in one shot.
Bijuus Tailed Beast Bomb by weissdrum on DeviantArt

So that’s a wrap on this post, if you have any contributions to make on their abilities or history, feel welcomed to write about it in the comment below. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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