Record Of Ragnarok: Manga Chapter 51 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 51 will be released on August 25, 2021, in Japan. Record of Ragnarok is a Japanese manga series created by Shinya Umemura.

The Council of the Gods assembles every 1000 years to determine the doom of humanity. To be fair, each human is granted a Valkyrie by the gods who can transition into a weapon costing its life if the human gets slain.

Read the Manga Online

Given are the following sites where you can read the manga online. The sites may vary from region to region as per the access.

You can read on:

  • VIZ Media
  • Monthly Comic Zenon


  • Cajun will gain immense strength and will even punch a hole in Buddha’s weapon. Much damage will be done to Buddha’s eyes.
  • Humanity will be on par with the gods as they’ve won more battles; Buddha is going to win the battle.

At the gods’ disapproval of humanity, Valkyrie Brunhilde proposes to give humanity a last chance. The gods eventually decide to hold “The Battle of Ragnarok”, a contest with 13 humans with their Valkyries against 13 of the gods engaging in duels to the death. The gods also agree that Humanity will be spared if they win at least 7 battles.

As of late, the intense battle was still ongoing between Cajun and Buddha. Cajun also announces to the crowd that Zero is dead, and everyone is trembling and shocked. Hades explains the change from light to dark with context to a legend.

Buddha tried to contemplate Hajun as he still believed that the God of Misfortune will find salvation and keeps overpowering through the battle. He kept assaulting Buddha and even transitioned his sword into a drilling weapon which eventually damages Buddha’s left eye. The last scene shows Hajun laughing hysterically at his victory.

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