Record Of Ragnarok: The Strongest Human Fighters So Far(Ranked)

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Record Of Ragnarok is yet another anime recently released with a lot of action packed scenes where Humans and gods fight with each other in a competition to prove that humans are indeed worthy of being alive. Through the series there have been a few match-ups between god and man, so I decided to write a short post on the strongest human fighters that are already introduced in the anime.

So here goes:

4. Lu Bu(The Flying General)

Lu bu, also known as The Flying General was a well known warlord hailing from china. He was indeed a formidable opponent that even the god against him had to go all out to defeat him.

He had managed to surpass the level of every human being which made him lose interest in the mortal realm but that still puts him at the bottom of this list despite his strength and will power.

3. Jack The Ripper

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Jack The Ripper ss known as the dreaded serial killer in the late 1800s, his real identity was never revealed. But, now, after more than 100 years, we have him on stage as a chosen defender of humanity. Jack is the epitome of tricks when it comes to pinning his enemy down. He is kinda like the “John Wick” of the 19th century, killing enemies with anything he can. But, even this serial killer has a humane side which he seldom reveals and we are just about to find out in the coming season.

2. Kojiro Sasaki

10 Best Record Of Ragnarok Main Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

Kojiro was the first human defender to ever defeat a god in the tournament and it wasn’t just any god, he defeated poseidon, the god of the sea and land, the elder brother of zeus: the god of lightning. It took a lot of everything for him to reach that point of victory and I will say that this anime puts a lot of effort into making a wonderful suspense for it’s fans. Kojiro Sasaki is one of the most revered Samurai Japan ever had. If his swag wasn’t enough to pin-down his opponent, it’s his sword that does the job.

1. Adam(Father Of All Humans)

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The best way to describe this character called Adam is surprise package, although we were expecting pretty much any human from the face of the earth at any time period but who was expecting Adam, the first born of all humans right from the beginning.

From our very childhood, we have known Adam and Eve. How he ate apple after being deceived by a snake and so on, and then Humans developed after. Till now, adam was known as the father of humanity But, how will he perform in a battle ? Well, Adam is one of the strongest if not the strongest. Not only was he a swift fighter who had the potential to fight toe-to-toe against the mighty Zeus, but he also had the determination to protect each and every one of his children.

I’m sure everyone agrees that Adam deserves the top spot in this ranking because none other could possible compete with him and still survive.

So that’s a wrap this post, I hope you like it, go ahead and give a like and do share.

Also your opinions are very much appreciated in the comment section.

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