Black Clover: 10 Sad Facts About Young Asta

Black Clover: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About Asta | CBR

Asta’s character arc on his path to the becoming savior of the Clover Kingdom was traumatic. Does being a non-magic user in a magic-world affect him?

Throughout his journey to becoming a Magic Knight and the savior of the Clover Kingdom, Asta has encountered numerous physical and emotional obstacles. He has had to face countless villains that would have made even the most determined fighters give up and quit, all while dealing with immense social pressure and internal turmoil over his identity as a non-magic user in a world governed by magic.

Each new revelation about Asta’s backstory has only further unscored the sheer scale of the trauma he has had to endure, and there remains the possibility of further heartbreak down the road for Asta as he and the Magic Knights begin to face the terrifying threat posed by the demon-enhanced mages of the Spade Kingdom.

10. He Was Abandoned As A Baby

Asta sleeping at the orphanage in Black Clover

Asta and Yuno were both abandoned as babies on the steps of the church in Hage. Since he was abandoned at such a young age, Asta grows up with no knowledge about the identities of his parents. While he comes to think of Yuno and the other orphans as his true family he faces ridicule and shame for being raised as an orphan. When Asta is at the ceremony here he and Yuno are set to receive their grimoires he is publically shamed for his low-born status as well as his lack of magic. Asta’s status as an orphan is one that he learns to wear as a badge of honor, but in the early stages of his journey, it causes him frequent emotional stress.

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9. He Was Born With No Magic

Asta staring intently in Black Clover

The world of Black Clover is governed by magic, with those wielding the most powerful magic earning the title of Nobles and claiming prestige and fortune. It is therefore understandable that Asta’s complete lack of magic would cause him to doubt himself and his capabilities.

From the very first episode, it was apparent that Asta’s inability to wield magic was his single greatest cause of distress. As a child, he believed that he would one day be able to use magic, even if he could not use it as effectively as Yuno. While he eventually earned his own grimoire and is immensely strong physically, he still yearns to be able to wield magic like everyone else.

8. He Grew Up With No Friends

Asta as a child in Black Clover

Asta has always struggled to make friends. From the time he was an orphan other people mocked him for his obnoxious personality, low-born status, and lack of magic. While the other orphans could be kind to him at times they all took it in turns to poke fun at his dreams and lack of ability. As a child, Asta frequently spent time alone training in the forests to increase his physical strength and stamina, and as a result, missed out on many opportunities to just be a kid. Yuno, who Asta admits is his best friend, is also his chief if not his strongest rival, and as such their relationship is fraught with an underlying tension.

7. No One Ever Takes Him Seriously

Asta yelling with arm raised in Black Clover

From a young age, Asta learned to overcompensate for his lowly status and lack of magic by working hard and never backing down from a challenge, even one that he would obviously lose. His work ethic and self-doubt led him to become single-minded to the point of obsession and to disregard the opinions and criticisms of others. Despite his hard work, no one takes him seriously due to his lack of magic. When Asta conveyed his goal of becoming the Magic Emperor during the Magic Knights entrance exam the other examinees ridiculed him. Even Sister Lily and Father Orsi frequently downplayed his ambitions, and rarely offered him any real encouragement as he worked toward his dream.

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6. He Is Really Annoying

Asta with negative words in front of his face

While Asta is usually cheerful he is also rather loud and obnoxious. These personality traits have led to those around him constantly shouting at him to shut up, particularly his teammate, Noelle, and the captain of the Black Bulls, Yami Sukehiro. To protect himself from ridicule, Asta developed a sense of sarcasm and is able to laugh at himself, yet even when he is just being himself he is frequently rebuked by enemies and friends alike. He is loud and obnoxious because he is constantly fighting with his own inner demons as he struggles to prove himself, but it takes time for others to understand this about him and leads to him frequently earning their ire.

5. He Has To Struggle For Virtually Anything

Asta with his mouth agape

Nothing comes easily for Asta. Unlike Yuno, who is good at everything he does, Asta has to work extremely hard to achieve even a minor amount of success. Asta puts in hours of grueling work to develop his body but is never able to defeat Yuno in a duel. Captain Yami frequently requires Asta to prove himself in a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Even in victory, Asta often suffers greatly, such as when he defeated Vetto only to lose the use of his arms. He struggles to gain acceptance as a Magic Knight who cannot use magic, and despite his accomplishments, he still does not earn the same amount of respect as less powerful knights.

4. When It Comes To Love, He Is Completely Hopeless

Asta with stars in his eyes in Black Clover

Since he was a kid, Asta has been in love with Sister Lily, the nun assigned to the church in Hage. He doesn’t hesitate to proclaim his undying devotion to her despite her status as a nun making their union highly unlikely. Yet, Sister Lily is pestered by his advances and often pummels him into the ground with her Water Creation Magic: Holy Fist of Love.

Yuno says it bests when he tells Asta is “short, loud, obnoxious, and immature, which are all traits that women find unattractive.” Meanwhile, Mimosa and  Noelle, who are both infatuated with Asta, wait silently in the wings, but Asta is completely clueless about their desires.

3. He Never Knew His Mother

Asta looks stunned with a silhouette of a laughing woman behind him

Asta’s mother, Licita, was a mage whose power allowed her to passively absorb the magic and lifeforce from other people and creatures. Due to her inability to control this power, Licita abandoned Asta when he was an infant. Ironically, this proved to be a futile gesture, as Asta was born with no magic. Unfortunately, Asta never gets the chance to reunite with his mother, as she dies tragically saving the devil Liebe from Lucifero. Her sacrifice is the reason why Asta inherits the five-leaf grimoire and is possessed by Liebe, and in this way, she lives on through Asta and Liebe.

2. His Father’s Identity Is Still Unknown

A smiling man behind the window pane in Black Clover

While the identity of Asta’s mother, Licita, is eventually revealed through his contact with the devil, Liebe, the identity of his father remains a mystery. Fan theories abound as to who Asta’s father might be, from the Magic Scholar, Morris, to the Dark Triad member, Dante Zogratis. Some fans have even gone so far as to suggest more sinister origins of Asta’s lineage, speculating that Asta’s father may be a devil. The truth behind the identity of Asta’s father is one of the last great reveals yet to occur in Black Clover, and no matter how it plays out, given Asta’s luck, fans may shed more than a few tears when and if Asta’s father makes his presence known.

1. He Pursues His Goals Even If It Detriments His Health

Asta training shirtless in Black Clover

From the first episode, everyone in Asta’s close circle has told him to give up on his dream. Despite the odds stacked against him, Asta continues to push himself to get stronger. While perseverance is an admirable trait, Asta’s obsession with becoming the Wizard King often puts his body in harm’s way. When he loses the use of his arms he slips into a depressed mood. He convinces himself that he will never be depressed again, but that is easier said than done. His mood oscillates between cheery and gloomy, and his short temper often belies his deep feelings of insecurity. One of the few things that keep Asta going is his desire to surpass Yuno, and it is a safe bet that without their rivalry he would have given up long ago.

If there are some other facts I may have missed, please go ahead and use the comment section below.

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