Hellsing Ultimate: Still a Bloody Good Time?

Hanime on Anime

Greetings, fabulous people of the Internet! Hanime on Anime here, and it has once been said that I am a fan ofHellsing Ultimate. Ladies and gentlemen, I likeHellsing Ultimate.No, ladies and gentlemen, I LOVEHellsing Ulitmate!

I love Alucard. I love Father Anderson. I love the Major, Episode II, Episode VII, all the episodes! I love even the slightest mention ofHellsing Ultimatethat I encounter on the Internet or in person! Watching Luke Valentine get mercilessly destroyed by Alucard, knowing that he’s only using a fraction of his power, makes me jump for joy. Watching the Major go full drum major as he conducts a symphony of destruction and death over the charred remains of London simply makes me giddy. The indescribable feeling I get watching Seras grind Zoren Blitz’s head into a wall like an Olive Garden server grating parmesan cheese is beyond…

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