Attack On Titan: Season 1 Review

Attack On Titan is an interesting, realistically depicted anime. Despite an over-reliance of cliffhanger endings and a slightly lacklustre middle portion of the season, Attack On Titan is an anime that relies a lot more heavily on realistic characters and its engaging story. Unlike other animes, there isn’t much in the way of humour and the show is all the better for it, giving a good sense of urgency to the issues at hand. The tale begins in the town of Shiganshina where we’re introduced to Eren Jaegar (Bryce Papenbrook), a young boy who wants to join the military to … Continue reading Attack On Titan: Season 1 Review

Naruto: Top 8 Feared Shinobis/Organizations In All Five Nations

There are certain people who are feared for their intelligence, power, strength and also their accomplishments. I’m gonna be talking about the Top 8 Feared Shinobis/Organizations In All Five Nations in this post. So here goes the list: 8. Kakashi Hatake(Copy Ninja) Kakashi was well known for his dojutsu: the Sharingan, and right from the beginning he has been instantly recognized from foes from other villages such as Zabuza. Kakashi was feared for his ability to quickly if not instantly imitate his opponent’s hand signs creating a jutsu faster than his opponent and also being able to predict attack moves … Continue reading Naruto: Top 8 Feared Shinobis/Organizations In All Five Nations

Demon Slayer: Muzan Kibutsuji(Powers And History Explained)

Koyoharu Getouge released the Kimetsu no Yaiba series in 2016, and without doubt, the series has grown and flourished. This series has some of the most beautifully crafted protagonists and antagonists. And so I bring you the Power of Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer Explained. The entire plot of Demon Slayer chronologically begins in the Heian period with Muzan Kibutsuji, the first demon. After more than 1000 years of development, the main story begins in the era where there exist Demon Slayers. The protagonist Tanjiro Kamado becomes the main focus of Muzan Kibutsuji after he kills the Kamado family and turns Nezuko into a demon. Bearing the fearful Hanafuda earrings and the … Continue reading Demon Slayer: Muzan Kibutsuji(Powers And History Explained)

Bungo Stray Dogs Anime : Season 2 Review

In the second season of Bungo Stray Dogs things get way more dark and serious, and frankly that was the most appropriate route that this anime could take. It has great character development, many insights for the events of the past, and introduced many new exciting, unique characters and a new organization. Diving into Dazai’s past when he was the youngest senior executive of the Port Mafia, we witness the unraveling of a tragic story between him and the lowest ranking member, Sakunosuke Oda, as well as the intelligence agent Angou Sakaguchi who despite their differences have become great friends. However, one day, after the … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Anime : Season 2 Review

Classroom Of The Elite: Season 1 Review

Classroom of the Elite has some nice ideas, but swings wildly in execution. The premise is that Japan has set up an elite school where every graduate is guaranteed to be accepted to the college of their choice. Though students are not allowed to leave their entire high school career and communication is cut off with the outside world, the living facilities are top notch and every student is given a budget to live on, starting with 100,000 points (the equivalent of 100,000 yen or $900) to pay for their first month’s expenses. The students are judged as a classroom, … Continue reading Classroom Of The Elite: Season 1 Review

Why Dragonball Z Is Hated So Much

While Dragon Ball Z wrapped its original Japanese television run in 1996, the series has been distributed, syndicated, and rebooted into infinity. Just last week, Toei Animation announced the July 2015 debut of Dragon Ball Super, a DBZ continuation that will restore Dragon Ball manga creator Akira Toriyama’s involvement with the television series. All is now right with the world, I suppose. Given Dragon Ball Z‘s massive and sustaining popularity, I’m eager to be disabused of my grudge against the series, which is, in my estimation, the most overrated anime of all time. What is Dragon Ball all about?Dragon Ball Z, specifically, … Continue reading Why Dragonball Z Is Hated So Much

Dragonball Z Anime Review

Dragonball Z is one of the oldest dragonball anime series and although the anime started off rough but as the years progressed, it became one of the most and if not the most popular anime out there and I admit, most of the hype didn’t come from this Dragonball Z series but it definitely played a part. In Dragonball Z, Goku, his son Gohan, and their faithful companions do whatever they can to defend Earth from a variety of bizarre alien villains. Goku and Gohan have special powers (including super strength) and an unyielding commitment to conquer evil. But their … Continue reading Dragonball Z Anime Review

Nanatsu No Taizai(Seven Deadly Sins) Anime : Season 1 Review

Seven Deadly Sins is a brightly colored, vibrant anime full of energetic characters and an intriguing premise rife with fantastical elements. Unfortunately for this promising anime it comes with a lot of over-sexualized humor and it over shadows the narrative and some ideas. As the series progresses, the sexual humor is toned down but in its place, long, drawn out action scenes between countless enemies takes it place to varying degrees of success. There’s no doubt that the story is rich-filled with back story and the lore around the world of Britannia and its characters in this 24 episode first … Continue reading Nanatsu No Taizai(Seven Deadly Sins) Anime : Season 1 Review

Bungo Stray Dogs Anime : Season 1 Review

Have you ever wondered how famous literature authors would look like if they were to be anime characters?  Well Bungo Stray Dogs is an anime that explores such scenario. Its entertaining and comedic story follows a special group of individuals (whose names are based on famous authors) with unique abilities that are named after literature titles. Atsushi Nakajima was kicked out of the orphanage he was living at because of some mysterious events that seem to happen around him. The young child, wondering how he will survive in the outside world starving. As he sits by the riverbank, he saves a rather suicidal … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Anime : Season 1 Review

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Anime Series: Season 1 Review

When The Rising OF the Shield Hero began to air on January 2019, it really got the attention of many anime lovers mostly because of it’s gripping story. The story follows 20-year-old Naofumi Iwatani, the main protagonist the series who lives a carefree life as a college student, that is until the day he reads a mysterious book at his local library. While flipping through the novel’s pages,  Naofumi is suddenly sucked inside and reawakens in a fantasy world alongside three other characters: Motoyasu Kitamura, Ren Amaki, and Itsuki Kawasumi. Four of them are informed that they have been summoned … Continue reading The Rising Of The Shield Hero Anime Series: Season 1 Review

Record of Ragnarok Anime: Season 1 Review

Record of Ragnarok had a very bumpy start but buoyed with fun moments. What worked and what will come next? Netflix has a mixed track record for its original anime, and its new offering Record Of Ragnarok is no exception. Adapted from the hit manga, the series is a fascinating mess, full of bizarre choices, controversy, and some very fun moments and lots of epic battle. Record Of Ragnarok is a fantasy action anime, based on the manga of the same name, which centers around a series of battles to the death between thirteen of history’s greatest human beings and … Continue reading Record of Ragnarok Anime: Season 1 Review

Hataruku Maou Sama(The devil is a part timer): Anime Review

The Anime begins with the Demon lord (Satan) striking fear into the heart of mortals as he begins to conquer the land of Ente Isla with his vast demon army. However while embarking on a brutal quest to subdue the entire continent, his plans were disrupted by the heavenly hero Emilia, forcing the Demon lord to retreat through a portal which happens to lead to the human world. The devil finds himself stranded in a modern day Tokyo along with his General Alsel and vows to return to the land of Isla with complete dominion, that’s if they can find … Continue reading Hataruku Maou Sama(The devil is a part timer): Anime Review