Hellsing Ultimate: Still a Bloody Good Time?

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Greetings, fabulous people of the Internet! Hanime on Anime here, and it has once been said that I am a fan of?Hellsing Ultimate. Ladies and gentlemen, I like?Hellsing Ultimate.??No, ladies and gentlemen, I LOVE?Hellsing Ulitmate!? I love Alucard. I love Father Anderson. I love the Major, Episode II, Episode VII, all the episodes! I love even the slightest mention of?Hellsing Ultimate?that I encounter on the Internet or in person! Watching Luke Valentine get mercilessly destroyed by Alucard, knowing that he’s only using a fraction of his power, makes me jump for joy.? Watching the… Continue reading Hellsing Ultimate: Still a Bloody Good Time?

Five Animes I Wished Never Ended

It’s been years since I got introduced into the Anime world and during that time I’ve seen a lot of both good and utterly terrible animes, from excellent story to messy animations and there have been some Animes in particular I have watched and wished they never ended because of their wonderful plot, choreography, drama and even filler episodes are really exciting that sometimes it even becomes hard to distinguish a filler episode from the main story. So in this post I’m gonna be talking about animes I wished never ended or took a long pause due to certain reasons. … Continue reading Five Animes I Wished Never Ended

Meikyuu Black Company Review (Spoiler Free)

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Next up on the review block is Meikyuu Black Company. Like the last few, it’s a fantasy / isekai title. Basically all I’ve been watching lately. It’s been fun to binge all of these, and there are still more to come. When I’m done, at a casual glance, this place will look like an isekai anime blog! Synopsis Our protagonist, Kinji, is a man who has finally managed to secure a perfect future for himself. With some hard work and the right investments, he’s become that which every NEET dreams of becoming: someone… Continue reading Meikyuu Black Company Review (Spoiler Free)

Unpopular Battle: Naruto(Baryon Mode) vs Goku(Ultra Instinct)

There is a new discussion going on between Dragonball and Naruto fans, a discussion on who wins in an all out brawl between naruto and goku. The winner to this is obviously known but due to a little but major development in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series, things might not end exactly as the would anymore. Let’s take a look at their abilities first: Naruto’s Abilities & Transformations Abilities Ninjutsu: Wind Style, Earth Style, Water Style, Lava Style. Taijutsu: Proficiency in hand to hand combat. Rasengan(ninjutsu): A ball made of highly compressed chakra. Rasenshuriken(ninjutsu): A shuriken like jutsu … Continue reading Unpopular Battle: Naruto(Baryon Mode) vs Goku(Ultra Instinct)

My Top 10 Favorite Anime Series So Far

Anime, to me when I first got introduced to it was some sort of escape from the reality i’m sometimes faced with because of so many things, from their expression to body language and so many relatable things I wished I was but as time went on, I got a different reason for watching anime, not because I outgrew the other but I got another perspective towards what I watch. If I were to compare my love for anime and movies on a scale from 1 – 10, 8 goes to anime and 4 goes to movies not because anime … Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Anime Series So Far