Black Clover: 10 Sad Facts About Young Asta

Asta’s character arc on his path to the becoming savior of the Clover Kingdom was traumatic. Does being a non-magic user in a magic-world affect him? Throughout his journey to becoming a Magic Knight and the savior of the Clover Kingdom, Asta has encountered numerous physical and emotional obstacles. He has had to face countless villains that would have made even the most determined fighters give up and quit, all while dealing with immense social pressure and internal turmoil over his identity as a non-magic user in a world governed by magic. Each new revelation about Asta’s backstory has only further … Continue reading Black Clover: 10 Sad Facts About Young Asta

Overlord Season 1 Anime Review

Overlord is an anime series based on a light novel of the same name. Adapted by Madhouse and distributed across Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment, the series consists of a completed first season with a second coming soon. The anime tells the tale of what becomes of the last remaining player of Yggdrasil, the hugely popular Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“DMMORPG”), after the game serves shut down. The last player, Momonga, was the guild leader of Ainz Ooal Gown, one of the strongest guilds within the game, which consisted of 41 members. Upon the cessation … Continue reading Overlord Season 1 Anime Review

Naruto: 10 Things Most Fans Don’t Know About Naruto Uzumaki

Despite being one of the most popular anime characters out there, there are still some things about Naruto that most die-hard fans still don’t know about him. The Naruto franchise has become one of the biggest in the anime industry. With graphic novels, movies, video games, live shows, and its sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto’s popularity is as significant now as it was when the character first debuted in the 1990s. The titular character debuted as a preteen with no family. Two decades later, he’s trained his spiritual successor and witnessed his own son become a hero. Despite being … Continue reading Naruto: 10 Things Most Fans Don’t Know About Naruto Uzumaki

Attack On Titan: Season 1 Review

Attack On Titan is an interesting, realistically depicted anime. Despite an over-reliance of cliffhanger endings and a slightly lacklustre middle portion of the season, Attack On Titan is an anime that relies a lot more heavily on realistic characters and its engaging story. Unlike other animes, there isn’t much in the way of humour and the show is all the better for it, giving a good sense of urgency to the issues at hand. The tale begins in the town of Shiganshina where we’re introduced to Eren Jaegar (Bryce Papenbrook), a young boy who wants to join the military to … Continue reading Attack On Titan: Season 1 Review