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Naruto: Is Kurama Really Gone ?

How Did Kurama Die in Boruto? - Explained

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most powerful ninjas to ever live. From his bloodline to his demonic tenant and stubborn personality, the ninja has tons of power at his hand. Now, it seems the balance is shifting in a big way, but Boruto fans aren’t totally convinced all is lost. After all, Kurama is a special monster, and fans aren’t sure if it can die.

So, the question stands before us… Can Kurama die? And did he really just die in the newest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is yes. The Tailed Beasts can die, and it seems that is really what happened in the anime’s latest episode. Kurama did not give his emotional farewell for no reason, and fans will have to come to terms with that on their own.

When it comes to Tailed Beasts dying, it is a rare event, but it does happen. Monsters like Kurama can die, but they do not pass from physical wounds or age. Instead, they die when they expend more chakra than they can recharge, and they have tons of it. This has happened to Tailed Beasts in the past, but they do not stay dead forever. After centuries, these drained monsters do return once enough chakra has gathered to resurrect them, and a reincarnation returns to Earth.

This is exactly what happened to Kurama in the anime, and it is because of Baryon Mode. The surprising form gave Naruto the power to fight toe-to-toe with Isshiki, but it came at a cost. Rather than costing Naruto his life, Kurama put his own on the line to help his host. Kurama used all of his own energy to fuel Baryon Mode, and that is why he had died. This gentle death is what kept Naruto from dying alongside Kurama in the end. And now, the Hokage must come to terms with the loss as he navigates life for the first time without Kurama within him.

What do you feel about this certain episode ?, was it a shock to see the death of kurama at this period ?, please share your thoughts at the comment section.

Naruto: A Few Thing To Know About Naruto’s New Form(Baryon Mode)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally revealed the much-awaited Baryon Mode in the latest episode, and fans cannot keep still since.

Ever since Naruto’s Baryon Mode was revealed in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, fans have been waiting eagerly to see it being recreated on screen, and they were not disappointed.

Baryon Mode: Naruto's New Final Form Power - Explained

However, this insanely powerful “final form” of Naruto is the final milestone before fans are hit with one of the most tragic incidents of the manga/anime revolving around Seventh Hokage’s son.

Baryon Mode is genuinely one of the highlights of the Boruto manga and the anime and has perhaps redeemed the show in the eyes of stoic Naruto fans.

Here are four facts about this insanely powerful form that ultimately led Kurama to his death.

1. It led to Kurama’s death according to the manga

This is a fact that Kurama hid from Naruto when he suggested he use this mode to fight Isshiki Otsutsuki. Even making unnecessary moves and superfluous thoughts can drain this mode out sooner than it should.Kurama lies to Naruto about Baryon Mode (Image via Fandomwiki)

In return for unimaginable strength and speed, Naruto had to bid farewell to one of his guardian figures, the lovable Nine-Tailed fox who watched over him in his way.

While this has not yet been revealed in the anime, fans who have read the manga are preparing themselves for this tragic bullet on screen.

2. His new strength rivals that of Isshiki Otsustuki in Baryon Mode

Naruto manages to grab the Otsutsuki black rods even before they are enlarged by Isshiki (Image via Fandomwiki)

The Baryon Mode boosts Naruto’s abilities to rival that of Isshiki Otsutsuki, who, prior to this, rendered both Sasuke and Naruto essentially immobile.

However, it did not prove to be enough in the end as Isshiki ended up overpowering Naruto, although he was eventually defeated brilliantly by Kawaki.

3. It functions a lot like nuclear fusion

Kurama explains the Baryon Mode to Naruto in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga (Image via Fandomwiki)

Much like nuclear fusion, the chakra of Naruto and Kurama fuse to form new energy in Baryon Mode. In terms of raw strength, it is far greater than the Kurama Chakra Mode or the Six Paths’ Sage Mode. However, it is really unstable and can easily drain out if he is not careful.

4. Losing Baryon Mode which also led to Kurama’s death doesn’t lead to naruto’s death

Baryon Mode Naruto is even stronger than Six paths' Sage Mode and Kurama Chakra Mode (Image via Fandomwiki)

Unlike Gaara, who died after Shukaku was extracted (although he was brought back to life using Chiyo’s jutsu), Naruto is alive and well. However, he does not have superhuman strength anymore.However, in theory, he should still have Six Paths’ Sage Mode and the usual Sage Mode, which have proved to be more than useful to him over the years.

Check out the new transformation in this video: